Walked Down Lyrics – Tee Grizzley feat Lil Yachty

Walked Down Lyrics sung by Tee Grizzley feat Lil Yachty represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Walked Down by Tee Grizzley.

Walked Down Lyrics

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Walked Down Lyrics

We got big straps, heavy checks
Oh yeah (B^^ch, you know Antt did the beat)

Ain’t nothin’ light over here, we got big straps, heavy checks (Facts)
Girlie almost killed us in the whip, she got some deadly neck (Slow down)
Dog say we beefin’, he just talkin’ with his petty a^^ (Rah-rah)
Catch him out in traffic, get to tossin’ at his scary a^^ (What’s up?)
We ain’t stoppin’ s^^t, they hit them lights and we gon’ scratch off (We gone)
F^^k I look lettin’ you pull me over in this Trackhawk? (No cap)
Icy chain, plain watch, temper short, bag long
In the trenches, strikers out, fully on me, mask on (Yeah)
N^^gas can’t come ’round the guys no more (Man, f^^k n^^gas)
N^^gas can’t get pieces of our pies no more (F^^k these n^^gas)
I ain’t savin’ n^^gas’ lives, sparin’ n^^gas’ wives, givin’ none of these p^^sy-a^^ n^^gas fries no more (Don’t put your hand out)
I’m with HorseTheOne, you know that boy ain’t no joke (That boy ain’t no joke)
I’m with Mari Red, you know that n^^ga gon’ blow (That n^^ga gon’ shoot)
Ayy, I ain’t talkin’ Captain Jay’s, glizzy got a fifty piece
Pretty-a^^ Arabic, Chaldean sneaky link (Uh-huh)
Fifty ‘bow sale, ’bout to pull up to L. George’s (Uh-huh)
Pockets enormous, we cook s^^t like George Foreman (Go get ’em)
P^^s me off, I’m puttin’ that on you, no back and forthin’ (The bag)
Headshot his a^^, he survive, he won’t be normal (Bah)
‘Member I was broke, so f^^kin’ hungry, boy, I could’ve cried (No cap)
Brodie had meal, my hands together, I’m like, “Bust the fries” (Let me get some of them)
Crazy how them n^^gas was the man, they ain’t got no money now (They finished)
I got all the money now (They finished), don’t give me them puppy eyes, n^^ga

Is you dyin’ for me? (Is you with me?) I don’t want you then (Then beat it)
I just dumped two pints, I’m tryna skip the day (F^^k it)
My shooter dyslexic, his ABCs start with K (Baow)
An FN (Brrt) and K, yeah (Oh yeah)
N^^gas p^^s poor, wouldn’t even f^^k on they b^^ch (I’ll take her to there)
Get on they brother a^^ with a switch (Grr)
Double down until I got ’bout ten on my wrist (Bust it)
Rolls-Royce kit came with an assist (Skrrt)
Blinders on, it’s tunnel vision, I still don’t miss (Okay)
F^^k experience, baby, it’s all inside of the wrist (Okay)
We the Hot Boys, I’m geekin’, this ain’t Tris (Uh-uh)
Pour p^^s ‘fore I ever sip that s^^t (Can’t do it)
Me goin’ back and forth with n^^gas, that’s unheard of (Uh-uh)
Get me out of the loop, I been seein’ double
My dog think it’s a ball game, dog stay in trouble (Trippin’)
Pretty b^^ch just like the game, I’ma hit the bubble (No cap)
Man, f^^k this n^^ga thinkin’ tryna test some rubbles? (What’s wrong with him?)
All that petty s^^t he flexin’ to me like pebbles (That’s light)
All this ice, I need a shovel (Yeah)
It’s on, I need a metal (Uh-huh)
Poppin’ s^^t with no buttons just like kettles (Uh-huh)

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