Say Less Lyrics – Childish Gambino & Kanye West

Say Less Lyrics – Childish Gambino & Kanye West is sung by Childish Gambino & Kanye West. The song is from the album “Bando Stone & The New World”.

Say Less Lyrics

Lyrics from GILGA Radio ep.2

[Intro: Dr. Umar Johnson]
If Childish Gambino wants to do something in the hood, you let him do it

[Verse 1: Childish Gambino]
Uh, I got the bands, the rover
Reddiest Octobers, the Goku comeback
I thought I told you (Oh)
The flow viral, brain is like pyro
My phone on silent, how the fuck would I know? (Yeah)
The aviators got me lookin’ like Five-0
You ain’t even touched a GQ best dressed
Sty got ’em cheatin’ on a taste test
They like rap more, I’m like “Say less”
They say the nuance, the nuisance
The new blueprint (Oh)
Niggas couldn’t float on a cruiseship (Uh)
I’m with the convicts rappin’ like Lucious
He got a problem, he never do shit (Woo)
You niggas talk cheap, you niggas cheapskates
You niggas talk show, you niggas Ziwe (Ziwe)
You niggas deepfake, you niggas AI (Fake)
But y’all would never have your mommas sittin’ courtside (Yeah)

[Verse 2: Kanye West, Childish Gambino]
Now rule number one: “Thou shalt not steal”
The flow, the clothes, the sex appeal, yeah (Oh)
Now this is my commandment, died and rebrand it (Uh)
Three days later, walk in the Louis sandals
Duckin’ paparazzi, they would call it a scandal (Uh)
But niggas would love to watch me, really, I’m like Randall
I’d rather have no regrets, but, yo
My agent just called and said “Yo, say less”
Niggas waitin’ on The Throne like “Hov, say yes”
I took my shoes out the store, they the new Payless (Oh)
That’s the New God Flow, but I don’t pray less

[Verse 3: Childish Gambino, Kanye West]
Yeah, she got a black king, but she don’t play chess (Yeah)
Got this rope ’round my neck like I’m J. Smollett
In the Maldives, thinkin’ ’bout my last resort
She got an ass like a truck, but her accent gross (Ah)
They like (Shorty’s just talking shit)
“Say less”
Man, I still got the A like I passed the test
Man, I could walk through the Chi’ like it’s Nazareth (Oh)
If they don’t put a Grammy on my ‘gram for the same song
I’ma choke a nigga for the team like Draymond
She a virgin, I flew her out to Saint John (Yeah)
Hopin’ we the “Say Less”, I’m hopin’ they would say sumn
Yeah, I’m in Atlanta and we sellin’ out State Farm
Me and him got the fire like napalm
Yeah, I’m so American (Uh, Yeah)
You talk too much, you need a therapist (Uh)
Phone blowin’ up, she like a terrorist
She like ’em rich, smart, middle-aged, arrogant
Let me smoke a pack of your new songs (Damn)
I need two queens like I’m Umar
Man, hit ’em with the drop like the roof gone

[Verse 4: Kanye West, Childish Gambino, Kanye West & Childish Gambino]
Say, damn Ye
Ain’t you always cookin’ like, flambé, nothin’ left to say
I’m more like John Lennon, he more like Don Lemon
That mean I’m Uncle Tom, but more like times seven
See, you the type to get your girlfriend a BBL
Then work a night shift, try and get your CDL
Then get your Akon line, that’s like He-BL
Walk around Miami, like “I hope that she didn’t tell”
Your midlife crisis your whole life (Uh)
You tried to pull Rubi Rose with a hoe wife (Uh)
And spent a whole rent check on the OnlyFans
You in the group chat actin’ like a only man
He at the baby shower lookin’ like Zion
In some skinny jeans you ain’t ever try on
I’m the last motherfucker you should lie on (Yeah)
I’m the nigga that you oughta get your style from
Imagine me pullin’ up to the PTA
In hallways with wifey, doin’ PDA
The principal like “Hey, what’s the ETA?”
But I’m about to do Saudi like PGA
Ye, you done got too preach-y
Switch the rap up to Christian, it got too easy
If I keep tellin’ the truth then they might Keith Lee me
Like, say less
[Outro: Dr. Umar Johnson]
When we strategize about how we gon’ take over the shelf, it’s market
Childish Gambino can’t be there, Kanye can’t be there
Why? Because pillow talk is a mother-

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