Safe And Legal Lyrics – Bad Cop/Bad Cop

Safe And Legal Lyrics sung by Bad Cop/Bad Cop represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Safe And Legal by Bad Cop/Bad Cop.

Safe And Legal Lyrics

It doesn’t matter what the reason is
Because it’s no one else’s fu^king business
I can tell you from experience
Had no regrets and it was the best decision
I made at the time

I remember when I saw double blue
I felt afraid defeated and confused
Given two options that I had to choose
It didn’t take long to know what I wanted to do

I made up my mind
For my body for my life
My own justification
Life saving termination

End the stigma in this choice
It’s my story and my voice

No force into submission
As we fight for legislation

Over the years no one really knew the trauma I sustained
I hid that memory deep in the back of my brain
I finally found the support that took away the shame
And they taught me that I don’t need to explain
The solution is my mine
My autonomy to decide
Thank god I had a choice then
It’s our time to shout it loud
Vote these politicians out
We need to keep our options
Safe and legal abortion

Whoa (Safe & legal)

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