Nothing but Neon Tayler Holder Lyrics

Nothing but Neon Lyrics Song is sung by Tayler Holder. The song is from the album

Nothing but Neon Lyrics

Lyrics from snippet:

Girl you caught me at a bad time
I was wondering when I’d hear from you
Saw you call me up last night
Round 2am out of the blue

And yeah I’d love to talk and I hate to cut you off
But I only got a minute or two
Guess I’ve been a little tied up
Since you say goodbye but
Girl to tell you the truth

It’s been nothing but neon
Nothing but smoke
Nothing but black label jack in my coke
Nothing but blood shot up in my eyes
Lately my last call has been a sunrise

It’s been round the clock these days
Yeah sorry girl I ain’t
Had time to miss you since you been gone
It’s been nothing but neon

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