Nice Things Jordy Lyrics

Nice Things Jordy Lyrics Song is sung by Jordy. The song is from the album

Nice Things Jordy Lyrics

Lyrics from snippet:

Pretty boy wanna take me out to soho
You’re the type where I typically won’t go
One hot night could be fun
But I don’t know how to feel

But you got a benz got a boat
Where we drinking
Private jet like every other weekend
One short flight
Got you good got you thinking this is real

If you only knew I don’t like champagne, prada
Money doesn’t change that we got bigger problems

You got nice things
They don’t faze me
Gotta play ice if you wanna taste me

I set the bar high
Can you blame me?
You can love me baby
You can hate me

Flashy cars and your limousines
Money buys almost everything
You got nice things
Call me crazy
But I wouldn’t want it even if you paid me

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