Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va A Pasar Manana Lyrics

Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va A Pasar Manana Lyrics By Bad Bunny. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow What will happen tomorrow Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.

Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va A Pasar Manana Lyrics

They say the world is going to end, I hope it’s soon
Sometimes I ignore it and play dumb
Who the hell said that I want to be an example?
Everything good I do, I do it because I want to
And this f^^king crazy, wow, I’m already on my way to thirty
The Rolex and AP, I don’t know what for
If time passes and I don’t even realize
Making money while you comment

But nobody knows (No)
What it feels (Hey)
Feeling alone with a hundred thousand people in front
That all the people talk about you
Without knowing a thing, without knowing you
And they even wish you the death
But not me, I wish you good luck (Yеah, aha), hey
The peoplе have to stop
To be so stupid and think

That they know the lives of famous people
Wow, so many podcasts, so many stupids
Today I woke up hating like Laura Bozzo
With the desire to diss someone on a beat
I haven’t seen my therapist in a while
Maybe that’s why I my mind is lost
This album is not meant to be played and get a billion views
It’s so my real fans are happy

Although inside I don’t feel 100%
It’s so that they cancel me and hate me
Raise your hand if you want to go to one of my concerts
I sold the Bugatti because I felt it was slow, and
Because all my people don’t fit in a seat

I knocked it out of the park on the first try
You’re wrong if you think I’m in my moment
That hasn’t arrived, too focused
You don’t know Bad Bunny, you just took a picture, hey
I’m the winning horse, I’m ahead by twenty lengths

Hey, hey
And without saying my name you know my voice
Tell me who was better than me, I forgot
Since I arrived, there’s pride in being second
Whoever kept at it, we’ll he never lost
Don’t blame me, blame God

Yes, he was the one who gave me the gift
To make it easy, heh, to make it look very easy, hey
And it’s true, I’m not a trapper, nor a reggaetonero
I am the biggest star in the whole world

Everyone wants to be number one, I don’t understand the effort
If you want I’ll give it to you, motherf^^ker, I don’t even want it
I have lost love, I have lost money
But my best defect, being very sincere
But I don’t lose faith nor the desire to kill you all
It’s not saying you’re real, it’s showing it

It’s not saying you’re the best, you have to prove it
It’s not making money, my love, it’s multiplying it
Don’t call me, I’m driving a motorcycle in Monte Carlo
Because money was made to spend it, yes
And the black card doesn’t get declined

They write to you all, y’all have always been AI
If on WhatsApp we talk about the best of all time
We take you out of the group chat, we leave you offline
I take advantage of my time making history and you’re in storytime, heh
I’m no longer at my peak, now I’m in my prime
That’s why they’re praying I crash, Ayrton Senna
I’m a work of art, Mona Lisa, Last Supper
It’s going to give you diabetes

If Sugar is on the mound, you’re out in the ninth
I impress myself like Randy Arozarena
Bad Bunny dropped, put your albums on quarantine
Listening everywhere, we hijacking the antennas
I’m from the Caribbean, f^^king go off, it runs through my veins
Arroyo 2004 in Atena
The heat is burning

I owe my flow to God and Tego Calde
Wow, how much I f^^ked in Vander’s suite
I think I mature, I hope it’s not too late
Don’t insist things from me, Bad Bunny isn’t the mayor
Don’t give me your number, I’m never going to call you
Stop comparing, you know I’m different

Just enjoy it, everyone did their part, yeah
I’m not Daddy Yankee, I’m not Don Omar
I’m Bad Bunny, motherf^^ker, I’m not normal
There’s a lot of people hoping for the worst for me
Sadly those people will have to dick ride
You’re not a real fan, that’s why I threw your phone
I’m always going to love the real ones

Everyone who wants to ducking talk, let them talk
Who ever doesn’t know the story always wants to tell it
I finish it with the “L”, with the “R” it sounds bad
I don’t give a f^^k about the fame, I’m not going to change
I can move from PR
But PR will never move from my soul

I know I’m not perfect, and I don’t want to be either
I like being the way I am, sometimes good, sometimes bad
And from now on, all the decisions in my life will be made
thinking of me and only me because in the end you will never be able to please everyone
Someone will always love you and someone will always hate you

Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow
What will happen tomorrow
Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow
What will happen tomorrow
That’s why I do it today, oh, oh-oh-oh
Oh, oh, oh (Oh-oh, oh, oh)


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