Hey Honey the 502s Lyrics

Hey Honey the 502s Lyrics Song is sung by the 502s. The song is from the album

Hey Honey the 502s Lyrics

Lyrics From Snippet:

Yeah You
Walked in Like a Daydream
Looking Like Painting
You Should’ve Been Seen Hanging
In the Louvre

A Perfect Silhouette of
Everything I Dreamt of
Flashed Before My Eyes
And I Knew It Was Time

I Don’t Know Why
I Was Surprised
You Rolled Your Eyes
At My Bad Pickup Line

I Was Relieved
When You Laughed and You Said
You’d Give Me a Second Chance
It Happens on a Whim
Love’s a Happy Accident

Paint It on the Skyline
Print It in the Headlines
Out of All the Good Times and Everyone in My Life
Honey You’re My Highlight

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