Dababy Jojo Siwa Lyrics

Dababy Jojo Siwa Lyrics. Main song words are Ready to get it started, ni^^a (Go) Whenever you want it, I was the man with the plan since a shorty Pull up to the Grammy awards.

Dababy Jojo Siwa Lyrics

Best motherf^^kin’ rapper, ni^^a, this Baby, ni^^a
Let’s go

Ready to get it started, ni^^a (Go)
Whenever you want it, I was the man with the plan since a shorty
Pull up to the Grammy awards with my .40
She told me she like how I’m dressin’, I ain’t eatin’ no salad (Uh-huh)
Stevie Wonder can see that I’m havin’
I told her “Be patient,” she waited
I gave her the d^^k, she walked out doin’ the beatbox challenge
Like yeah, get in there, baby (Get in there)
You know me, hit you anywhere, baby (Let’s go)
Know she gon’ do whatever I say, I can p^ss in the club, call it lemonade, baby
Let that b^^^h off, I’m a renegade, baby

I’ma get out of there, I ain’t feelin’ that (Huh?)
ni^^a run up on me with a cellphone out, he gon’ f^^k around, die on the internet
f^^k it, kill him on IG-live, let the whole world see the ni^^a die (Die)
Yeah, shout-out to SpotEm, we got ’em (You down)
Even though he a rapper, he shot him
I get this big pretty-a^s smile from my mama (Cheese)
Get this motherf^^kin’ voice from my daddy
I learned how to pimp on them hoes from my uncle (Pimp, pimp)
Let her s^ck on my toes ’cause I’m nasty (Okay)
Like f^^k it, she asked me to do it
Play with me, I’ma actually shoot ya’

Most of these ni^^as be cap and we knew it, these ni^^as drop sh^t and we laugh at they music
I know how to murder these ni^^as with kindness
f^^kin’ that b^^^h from the back, I’ll do it
I buy a Cuban and fill it with diamonds
Send my assistant to pick up some c^ndoms
Instagram model at the hotel text me now, want me to give her the Johnson
Damn, that ni^^a Baby on fire
Won’t go out, they know that lil’ ni^^as a problem
Got a big .45 on decal (Go)
Using big words like I’m T.I. (Turn up)
Don’t wanna get me started, ni^^a
Turn me up, ni^^as gon’ see why
ni^^a, you a b^^^h, JoJo Siwa
b^^^h, she let the wrong ni^^a get rich

Both of these chains on my neck, they compete with each other
They fightin’ and throwin’ a fit
Know how these hoes like to argue and beef with each other
They fightin’ right now, over the d^^k
You should already know you ain’t searchin’ DaBaby
‘Cause that ni^^a like to come in with the stick
I don’t like to get into the mix (No), I done got paid in full, my ni^^a
I get them hoes like I’m Mitch, even got white people all on my d^^k (Go)
Yeah, second year, six-time Grammy-nominated
Came through turnt up, everybody hated
Before I had my first M, it was Billion Dollar Baby
He bet the house and it sit in Las Vegas (Go)
You want the sh^t, gotta earn it
He off the leash, he don’t think he can get murdered
Know how to swim, so I f^^k with who f^^kin’ with me
I take a bridge and I burn it
Let me see if you can swim, lil’ ni^^a
sh^t gettin’ out of hand, I just parked a new Benz
Hopped in a new Benz, lil’ ni^^a (Let’s go), and I don’t want new friends

That ain’t DaBaby, that’s my baby
Yeah, yeah, they say they want that old sh^t back (Said that, make that, stand on that)
They say they want that Baby Jesus
You know, I’m tryna enjoy this bread
You know, be fancy and sh^t (Go), be mainstream and sh^t, (You know?), you know
They said I went commercial, like I still won’t come up off the hip and hurt you
b^^^h-a^s ni^^a
Aight man, it’s 6:55 in the morning man, sh^t

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