2 Shots of Hennessy Lyrics – TikTok Song

2 Shots of Hennessy Lyrics Song is sung by Heaven. The song name is Mirror

2 Shots of Hennessy Lyrics

Im Talking to the Nigga That You Fucking
Oo Yea You Keep Asking Him to Change His Ways
He Ain’t Gonna Do It for Ya

And Don’t Message Tryna Be Women to Women
If You Think I Fuck Your Man
I Probably Did Better Ask Your Man Bitch
You Ain’t My You Ain’t My Friend

Hope He Fucking Now We Fucking Now
Right Now Na Im Off Two Shots of the Hennessy
I Mught Fuck This Nigga if He Look at Me

Im Like 3 Shots of Patron
If This Nigga Look Bitched Then He Gone Cause Like
I Say That Dick Good by the Way He Walk
I Know That Mouth Good by the Way He Talk

I Might Let Em Bend Me Over
See What He Bout
Once Im Thinked He Betta Show Out

Im Starting With the Man in the Mirror
The Nigga That You Fucking
Oh Yes Im Asking Him

To Change His Ways Nigga
He Ain’t Gone Do It for Ya

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